Process: After years of creating whimsical stories, rhymes, and poems Lynda Riley decided it was time to find an illustrator that could help her make her stories come to life. She had everything in place, but just the illustrations. Shaina was thankfully referred to her to help her out! From there, they exchanged information and found out they were a perfect match. They met up regularly and discussed images for the books. They found out what worked and what didn’t. Over a few months to a year they created this book.
Products: Books

My Experience:

+ Created images in correspondence to words

+ Regular meetups to discuss progress

+  Process of self publishing 


"Oh poor me, I am a terribly bullied bee. It hurts me through and through... I do not know what to do." Bubbles Bumblebee, Fancy's new friend, said "We will put this bullying to an end!" This charming story helps children learn to overcome bullying by working through issues of self-esteem, talking to adults, and learning the value of friendship.